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 Hi, we're Obi.

 We are a Miami-based company that traveled all the way to Africa to find the perfect word for our name: Obi

Obi represents the way we feel for our pets, we love them, and we want to reflect this love and appreciation through accessories that tell our own stories. 

 Our accessories show authenticity: they are free of labels and free of judgements. 

 We dream of being your daily companion, and we work so that you and your pet can feel special and unique. That is why we craft the best pieces where shape, functionality, and design come together to imprint originality and passion in each of our products.

   Obi means heart, and we know that’s where the bond between us and our pets is rooted at. 


Tali Kadoch - C.M.O

Husky Lover

Ianiv Kadoch - C.E.O

German Shepherd Lover


Nathalie Vasquez - Designer     

Shih Tzu Lover

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